It is an online menu that is
designed to help foreigners
to order in local restaurants
in Taiwan.


So what can you expect from these awesome food? Click here to learn more about the dishes!


Feeling bored or awkward at the table? Join us with the stir-fries games!

For Visitors

So how do I use this website?

Stir-fries are one of the cultural experiences you can’t miss in Taiwan. What if you are a stranger to Chinese and you have no clue how to order food in local restaurants?

All you have to do is ask for the menu in your language, and access the websites by scanning the QR-Code on the menu to learn more about the dishes.

You’ll have an overview of the dishes from the menu while the website provides more details and interesting background stories about the dishes.

For Restaurants

How do I communicate with foreign visitors?

Are there awkward moments where you can’t communicate effectively with your foreign customers?

Enter the “download” section, and you’ll see all the templates for different dishes in English, Japanese and Korean menus.

Whenever a foreign customer comes visiting your restaurant, this menu would come inhandy and help the order be easy and pleasant!